Anything is possible if you dream big enough

When I got up at 4:15 this morning, I couldn’t resist turning on the TV.  Anyone who knows me well, knows that I rarely allow the TV on before 7 pm, so this impulse was quite an anomaly.  Of course, I was quite eager to find out who had won the Presidential election, just like every other American.  I must admit, I was pretty shocked that Donald Trump had won, but I wasn’t nearly as shocked as the newscasters.  It was a little bit funny.

I am not one to openly discuss politics.  As I said in my previous post, I believe that we all see things differently and for different reasons.  I believe that voting gives us the right to ‘give our opinion,’ so to speak.  I gave mine–and it looks as though a record number of people gave theirs as well.  Good for America!  Her people care!  That fact, in and of itself, is absolutely amazing.

However, I have brought up this election for an entirely different reason.  That shock I witnessed on the faces of the newscasters this morning?  That is what I want to talk about; the fact that in America, anything is possible.  How great is it to live in a country where that is true?  Perhaps I am seeking inspiration and affirmation in everything these days; so great is my desire to get my novel published, but this election says to me that if I work hard enough, I have a chance too.

For years, I have been saying there should be an ‘American Novelist’ TV show, because it sure seems like the media is the way to make it happen.  Look at Carrie Underwood.  She is one of the most famous (country) singers in the United States (or maybe in the world, for all I know).  Before auditioning for and competing on American Idol, Carrie Underwood was just a 21-year-old from Oklahoma with a dream, not unlike my dream.

So, regardless of how you feel about the election results, aren’t you happy and proud to live in a county where you can dream?…and maybe even achieve your dream?

I know that all of you who are reading this have entered into this journey with me–to help me achieve my dream.  Maybe we can call you ‘Team Cyn.’  Appealing to my friends and family is the first step, but if this blog is to grow into a number of followers that will make an agent say, “okay, maybe this person is worth a second look,” my numbers will have to continue to grow.

So, okay Team Cyn, can we do it?  If every person who has been kind enough to ‘follow’ (actually click the follow button on my home page) me, asked 10 of their friends to follow me, my numbers would grow exponentially.  Don’t get me wrong–I am not an ego maniac who thinks that what I have to say is so amazing that you would naturally want to share with everyone you know.  I’m just an average girl with a big dream.  And since there is no ‘American Novelist’ TV show I can try out for, I have to create my own media presence.  I’m just asking you to help me make my dream happen.  Baby steps.

I do, however,  believe I’ve written a good book…a book that will inspire women who have worked themselves to death for their families…a book that embraces your fears as you face health crises…a book that will let you know you are not alone in your hopes, desires, dreams for something more.  [Maybe a good husband would even read my book to gain insight into his woman’s heart.]

Just remember today, as you listen to everyone either freaking out or celebrating the election of Donald Trump as President, that the picture is so much bigger that.  Whether you like him or hate him, the facts remain the same; this man worked diligently and, against all odds, achieved his dream.  It is a lesson to all of us.

Dare to dream.


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