Giving thanks…

I love how much of a hoop-la people make over Thanksgiving.  Think about it; there is one day annually across the entire United States when people are gathering, sharing and giving thanks!   How beautiful is that?

I got up early to jot a quick post and get my mom’s fruit salad prepared: my little piece of Pearly in our gathering.  As I was draining the juice out of the fruits and setting them to drain, I had a flashback of her preparing it…how much it meant to her to be able to enjoy those dark cherries that she could never normally afford.  Those same cherries that I scoured three stores to find, and felt annoyance at having to drive to three stores rather than gratefulness that I could easily afford those same cherries any day of the year.


Although Thanksgiving was originally celebrated as a means of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest, it has somewhat morphed into a national holiday to give thanks on a deeper, personal level.   The things we are grateful for are unique and ever changing in our own lives.  What you give thanks for today will probably not resemble what you gave thanks for 30 years ago (me–buying a new house) or even yesterday (having a healthy grandchild).  However, today, on this day when mostly everyone across America takes pause, preparing a masterful feast, and gathering with family, friends and even strangers both near and far; we unite in our moment of gratefulness for all things big and small. What a beautiful day this is…





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